Simple Waterfall


Simple Waterfall, allows you to create a multi step waterfall chart with full control to define how measures are used and how they are layered out in the waterfall. There are different ways to create waterfall chart (see different scenarios below) depending on your data structure.

Key Functionality

  • Define bar colours, label font colours and label positioning based on sentiment (i.e. favourable or adverse) or individually customise each bar.
  • Easily define which measures are base measures and which are step measures
  • Customise how your measures are arranged and change the layout easily
  • Complete formatting options available, including change the pillar/step colors, font size, font type, font color etc
  • Option to show negative numbers in brackets i.e. show -30 as (30)
  • Option to hide/show steps values that are blank or zero
  • Show/hide y-axis
  • Auto-format y-axis
  • Auto-format labels
  • Choose which measure or category is a pillar and which is a step (except in case of drillable waterfall) directly within the visual
  • All standard customisation for X-axis and Y-axis available
  • Report page tooltip, Drillthrough option and context menu (right click) available

Demo Video and Sample file

How to create the visual

  • Step 1: Add "Simple Waterfall" visual on the canvas
  • Step 2: Drop your measures in the field "Values"
  • Step 3: Drop your categories in the field “Categories” (if required, see “Different scenarios” below for more options)
  • Step 4: Define pillars in the formatting pane

Different scenarios

Static Waterfall

If you want to create a waterfall using measures only i.e. all your pillars and steps are defined as measures, drop all your measures and use the formatting pane to define which measure are pillars. Don’t drop any field in the “Category” field

One Category Waterfall

If you pillars and steps are defined by a single category, you should have only 1 measure and 1 category. Use the formatting pane to define which measure are pillars

Drillable Waterfall

If you use more than 1 measure, each measure becomes a pillar and the category is used to calculate the steps. You can drop multiple category and create a drillable waterfall


If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback or request for new feature, please use the github page or drop me an email. You can see the details on the screen.